80s Fashion For Men

A Look At 80s Fashion For Men


The Fashion of The 80s

The 1980s were a time of excess and self-expression, and the fashion of the era reflected that spirit. The fashion of the 80s was characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and exaggerated silhouettes. For men, the fashion of the 80s was all about making a statement and standing out.

  • One of the most iconic fashion trends of the 80s was the power suit. This was a suit with broad shoulders, padded jackets, and tapered trousers.
  • The power suit was often worn with a bold shirt in a bright color or pattern, and accessorized with a wide tie or suspenders.

Another popular fashion trend of the 80s for men was the preppy look. This look was inspired by the Ivy League style of the 1950s and 60s, and was characterized by clean, classic lines and understated colors. Preppy fashion for men included items like polo shirts, chinos, loafers, and boat shoes.

  • Athletic wear also became increasingly popular during the 80s, with the rise of fitness culture and the popularity of sports like aerobics and jogging.
  • Athletic wear for men included items like tracksuits, sweatpants, and brightly colored sneakers.

Accessories were an important part of 80s fashion for men. Sunglasses, especially aviator-style glasses, were a popular accessory. Hats like fedoras and trilbys were also in vogue, as were statement watches with bold designs.

In conclusion, 80s fashion for men was all about making a statement and expressing individuality. Whether it was through the power suit, the preppy look, or athletic wear, the fashion of the 80s was bold, colorful, and exaggerated.

While some of these trends may have fallen out of favor in the years since, the influence of 80s fashion can still be seen in modern styles today.

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